Discover prediction through tarot reading for a healthier, happier life. Learn to unlock insights and embrace well-being through tarot guidance.

This basic course promises a life-changing experience like no other.

Nikhil Jagasia

He is an intuitive Tarot card reader and Master coach . Nikhil also practices astrology and has healed many people around the world.

Exclusive 3 Hour Workshop | Limited Slots

Time – 7PM
Pricing – 49/-

🗓️ Workshop Dates:  25 Feb 2024

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Here's the good news

Monetize your Tarot passion, attract high-paying clients, and turn your skills into a business.

This is a course for both beginners who have not yet bought their first deck of cards . This course will also intrigue experienced and professional Tarot card readers. So why wait! Join us to begin with your journey today.

Who is this workshop for?

For the first time, we’re revealing The Exact Roadmap that led numerous successful influencers and entrepreneurs to success. Join now!

How will you get benefitted?

“You will learn to understand several spreads and practice real time situations.”

“How to provide insightful guidance with the help of Tarot.”

You will learn to boost your career in occult sciences.

“You will understand all the 78 cards just by looking at them.”

How to trust your intuition and understand the message that each card is giving.

“You will learn how to connect with your Tarot deck and begin a journey as an enthusiast.”

You will learn to make accurate predictions .

What you will learn

Hour 1

History and structure of Tarot cards.

How can learning tarot impact your life?

Starting to read about Major arcanas with colour significance.

Hour 1
Hour 2

Exciting opportunity-To join our course with some exciting bonuses to boost your career as a tarot card reader.

How Tarot card reading builds a healer in you.

Learning Tarot to become financially independent.

Hour 2
Hour 3

One card reading- A simple way to connect the cards with daily life.

Yes / No spread- Learn to simply answer your questions with Yes/No spread.

Reading the cards confidently using your intuition.

Hour 3

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Meet your Mentor

Nikhil Jagasia is an intuitive Tarot card reader and Master coach. Nikhil also practices astrology and has healed many people around the world. He has taught many people and gave them a chance to become financially stable even in the times of Covid 19. He motivated many people to realise their intuitive abilities and work towards the mental betterment of the people around.
Nikhil’s goal is to help the people needing guidance and fighting mental and emotional battles everyday.
By empowering others with this divine knowledge of Tarot , he will be able to generate values of trust in people.
Nikhil has taught more than 5000 people all around the world and assuring everyone is giving their best in this field of occult sciences.
By generating self confidence in the people who have joined this journey, he gets a realisation that he could atleast bring a slightest of change in the society. Learning Tarot won’t only give mental satisfaction to client but also to the Reader as it gives a sense of relief when someone gets benefitted by you and remembers you in their good memory.

What Our Students Are Saying

Lets have a glimps of our students.

Miss Gitanjali
I was so keen and passionate about the law of attraction and astrology since my school and college days, and then eventually I got introduced to tarot reading. I started depending on tarot readers when I was in a vulnerable state of my life. Then, in this journey, I got to speak to Nikhil, wherein he asked me to learn tarot, and eventually he taught me tarot. I now understand the psychic interpretation of human mentality through tarot and the human mind concept, and would really be grateful to Nikhil who took effort to make me understand the same.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Miss Bhumi
I’m grateful that I started my Tarot journey through you as my tarot coach. Your wisdom, patience, and genuine passion for tarot have left an indelible mark on my life. Through your teachings, I've gained a deep understanding of tarot but also unearthed insights into myself and my path. Your dedication to sharing your knowledge and your unwavering support have made this journey all the more enriching. 🙏🏻
Mrs. Sanjana
I am so glad to have learned Tarot from Nikhil sir. I never thought I would get so much of peace after guiding people the way Nikhil sir has taught me. I’m thankful to have got into a renowned platform now and also have my personal clients which also makes me finally very much stable. Thank you Nikhil sir. Couldn’t have asked for a better coach than him. 🙏🏻

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely yes , You will be able to understand the situation rightly and also get an insight with the help of Tarot cards.

Yes, Tarot cards help you to attain great intuitive powers and guide people with empathy.

Well definitely yes, learning about cards opens up several opportunities for you . You can start your own business or even join a high paying platform.

You will develop high level of confidence and knowledge after learning to interpret the cards and communicate the message well. This will help you to keep your clients intact.

Our Tarot course gives you the practice of real life situations wherein you will be asked to prepare for the situations that will actually be faced by you when you start your journey.

To maintain the integrity of the session it is recommended for you to be actively participating in the workshop. Recordings will not be provided hence it is requested for all the participants to attend the workshop. Well, we do provide access to the recordings for a limited time if you enroll for our professional and master course.

No , absolutely not , you can join the course even if you haven’t seen or heard about Tarot . This course teaches everything from basic to advanced so even newbie’s or professionals can join the course.